About Sartex Group


Sartex Group was founded in 1984 in Ksar Hellal – the textile capital of Tunisia. Deriving its name from “Société des Arts Textile”, Sartex began with a CMT workforce of 30. In the years that followed, we expanded our capabilities and supply partnerships to cover the full garment manufacturing process. As global brands discovered Tunisia for its infrastructure, educated workforce, and proximity to Europe, Sartex began working with some of the world’s most directional brands. It taught us to be fast, flexible and ever innovative – while always putting quality and service first. Today, Sartex Group has 3,500 employees producing over 4 million pieces annually. With new state-of-the-art facilities recently put in place, it’s our aim to continue to innovate and grow with the right partners.


We aim for balanced development and sustainable growth by offering our customers innovative products and services that are safe, attractive and arising from an environment that is healthy, motivational and responsible.

Denim House

Denim House is responsible for the design and manufacturing of garments. Backed by full R&D and lab facilities and a working area of 22,000 square meters, our services include: AUTOMATED CUTTING DEPARTMENT CAD, Lectra, Gerber SAMPLING LINE For making prototypes, collections and size set SEWING LINES Specialized in basic five pocket, fashionable styles, chino and jackets EMBROIDERY AND PRINT Fabric testing FABRIC LIBARY


Sartex is responsible for washing, treatment and finishing. Backed by a working area of 30,000 square meters, our services include: WASHING DEPARTMENT AND LAB Various state-of-the-art washing, dyeing and e-flow machines, including medium-sized machines for prototypes and SMS LASER AND OZONE DEPARTMENTS Latest technologies for high speed and fine resolution SPECIAL TREATMENT Hand scraping, Margherita 3D Whiskers, spraying SUBLIMATIONS AND LAMINATIONS For both fabric rolls and ready garments FINISHING DEPARTMENT Machines for affixing all kinds of rhinestones, studs and patching.